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April 22, 2009
Vol.100, Issue 11

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Hip Hop
Rock Steady Crew from Southern High School compete in the crew
battle on Saturday. ( Photo: Mitchell Webson/Echo Staff Photographer)
...Continued from Photo Feature

By Erica McRae
Echo Staff Writer

Workshop at Hillside High School was the hightlight of the weekend.

Participants received intense training from the judges, beginning with Prozak’s crash course in street dance.

“I got my start posting my video freestyles on and asking anyone for critiques on anything,” said Prozak.

Prozak is originally from Mobile, Alabama, but reside now in Denver, Colorado.

Serious dancers travel to take his intense class, but because of the “Brang It” tour, it was possible to be here in Durham.

“This whole event made a big impact on everyone, making them aware of what they have to give to the world.”

Ater his training session Kujo showed B-Boy/Breaking, Salah, showed his methods of warming exercise and popping, and Ro Ro taught a choreographed routine in which nine dancers were given the opportunity to be in a music video filmed at Digital Circus in Raleigh.

This was the first time ever Salah has taught in the United States.

“The competition and workshop was the greatest thing that I ever experience,” said Noel Bailey criminal justice junior.

Baily said she has been to four fourth, but “Brang It” gave her the opportunity to feel like a family member with the instructors.

“You can be afraid,” she said. “But you have to go out there and show your heart and that is what a lot of new fellow family members would say too.”

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