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April 22, 2009
Vol. 100, Issue 11

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Bye to you, NCCU

G. Cooper
Geoffrey Cooper

Whether we know it or not, every student has come to this University to fulfill a purpose.

Itís funny; when I arrived at N.C. Central University in fall 2005, I was oblivious to what mine was.

I knew I didnít want to be one of those students who just went to class, the cafeteria, the dormitory.

I strived to be informed and conscious of what was going on around me.

Since my sophomore year, I have had the privilege to report and uncover news integral to students on this campus.

Many students may say the Campus Echo was informative as well as entertaining. Some may harbor different opinions.

Either way, itís fine with me.

Letís be for real ó we donít get a five- or six- figure salary. Tenure, benefits and a raise arenít figured in either.

But what I have been most humbled by is the opportunity to serve NCCUís campus and the Durham community.

This required time, ambition and most importantly, love.

Amidst the frustrating days of production and stories facing deadline, I asked myself countless times, ďIs this all worth it?Ē

Was it worth the long and restless nights camping out on the sofa, pondering how I was going to finish schoolwork and wake up on time for class?

Was it worth missing meetings and functions with my LBs, only to get grilled the next day?

Was it worth playing catch-up with friends because I didnít have time to call them back?

Was it worth breaking dinner dates, promises, even missing my last Homecoming?

Some would say, ďHell no!Ē

Oddly enough, I beg to differ. When you love something, sometimes you have to sacrifice. Thereís no other way.

Many hold a special place in my heart. To God: You are love. You are my life. You are the reason.

To my family: You are my biggest cheerleaders. I love you all for supporting and trusting me to make the right choices. I shall continue to make you proud.

DP: I canít begin to thank you for all your guidance and patience with me during these last three years. Iím going to miss your crazy, random outbursts and robust sense of humor. Thank you for believing in me and my leadership.

To the Echo: Nas said it best: ďThe World Is Yours.Ē Continue to be revolutionary! Stand for quality! Stand for the students! Report and write for change, not for space.

Special recognition goes out to my favorite teachers in the English and Mass Comm Department: Chambers, Kuwahara, Nowell, Carl, Mac, Rountree, Evans, Keaton-Jackson, Nessly, Paulin, Williams, Maynor, Ware, Forte, Soper, Harrington-Austin, Pearce and Fuller. I applaud you all for your daily sacrifices to raise the intellectual status of our student body.

To friends: Much love goes out to those who have held me together throughout the best and worst of times. You will never be forgotten.

To NCCU students: I did it for all of you. I am merely a servant. Without all of you, my work and achievements mean absolutely nothing. Thank you.

So peace, two fingers, arrivederci, Assalam Alaikum. However you want to decipher it Ö Iím not weeping because itís over, but smiling because it happened. One love.

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